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Vytrus Biotech is a fresh and innovative Spanish company specialised in the development, production and commercialization of high added value and natural active ingredients based on plant stem cell culture technology for cosmetic industry



Our vision

Positioning as a pioneer in the use of this technology for business purposes gives Vytrus Biotech a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Through plant stem cell technology, it is possible to obtain natural, patentable, and efficient cosmetic actives.


Vytrus Biotech has a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 employees in its headquarters in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) and is present in Europe, USA, LATAM and Asia, among others, through its international network of distributors.

Our actives are thought from nature. We first observe natural plant processes and strategies, mimic their behaviour, and develop our personal care ingredients. In Vytrus Biotech we have discovered how to take advantage from the astonishing potential of plants and bring their abilities to skin, hair, and body care.

Latest launches

Vytrus Biotech has been double awarded with ‘Best Ingredient Award’ worldwide at In-cosmetics Global 2020 for its two new ingredients: Kannabia Sense and Deobiome Noni. Olea Vitae was also awarded in 2019 with In-cosmetics Global Gold Best Ingredient Award.

KANNABIA SENSE is our latest innovation in the active ingredient market launched to the cosmetic industry.

This neurocosmetic active, made from Cannabis sativa stem cells, stimulates positively the skin microbiota, activates the brain pleasure areas, and induces a better self-perception & positive emotions, promoting a healthier and prettier skin.

Cosmetic applications: happy daily gels and creams, radiance and glow creams and gels, well-being body lotions, delicate facial treatments, restoring night creams, and uplifting massage lotions.

Main claims:

  • Microbiota-skin-brain axis ignition
  • The first instant mood lifter
  • Ageing-friendly active ingredient
  • Positive brain activation
  • Stimulating positive emotions.

DEOBIOME NONI is our new active ingredient launched to the cosmetic market in 2020: The Biological deodorant.

With its origin in Morinda citrifolia plant stem cells, this new cosmetic ingredient efficiently fights against body odour while respecting the natural physiology of the skin with a hybrid strategy.

Cosmetic applications: body, axillary, foot, and scalp odour treatments (roll-on, sticks, creams…) and microbiota rebalancing formulations.

Main claims:

  • Global odour intensity reduction
  • A new prebiotic technology
  • Microbiota metabolism shift
  • Balancing microbiota by modulating armpit ecosystem.

OLEA VITAE is an active ingredient launched in 2019 which works as a powerful revitaliser of mature skin that fights aging using a new mechanism of action: Stimulation of mitochondrial synapses.

Cosmetic applications: Facial, eyes, and lips, body, hair, and wellbeing treatments.

Anti-ageing, firming, anti-wrinkles, repairing, and revitaliser formulations. 

Main claims:

  • Triggering cell revival
  • Internal cell batteries re-charge
  • Powerful revitalizer of aged skin
  • Mitochondrial membrane remodelling.

Our natural ingredients portfolio