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Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials and functional ingredients as well as sensorial and nutritional solutions. With a market share of 12 % (2015), Symrise is one of the world's top three suppliers in the F&F market.


The approximately 30,000 products are primarily produced from natural raw materials such as vanilla, citrus, blossoms, plant or animal materials. Our flavors, substances, perfume oils and sensorial solutions usually form the central functional components of the end products produced by our customers – from perfume, cosmetics and food manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies and producers of nutritional supplements, pet food and baby food.

Scent & Care is subdivided into three divisions: Fragrances, Cosmetic Ingredients and Aroma Molecules. They produce and sell fragrances, cosmetic ingredients, aroma molecules and mint aromas. They are used in the manufacture of perfumes, personal care and cosmetic products, cleaning products and detergents, home fragrances and oral care products.


The Scent & Care division offers customers competencies in fragrances, beauty and care throughout the areas of research, development, purchasing, production and sales.

We distribute our over 15,000 products in more than 135 countries and have access to numerous production sites in all of the major regions across the globe and are therefore always in close proximity to our customers – from multinational companies to important regional and local partners.

Scent & Care coordinates activities between the various departments like clockwork: Consumer and Market Insights, Marketing, Research & Development as well as Perfumery all work hand-in-hand. This allows us to create products that optimally fulfill consumer needs around the world. The production sites benefit from a global, integrated supply chain and from company-wide synergies in purchasing, equipment and logistics.



Mysterious, seductive, captivating – welcome to the world of fragrances. But what effect do fragrances have and when are these effects unfurled? Symrise has devoted a great deal of its innovative abilities to answering these and many other questions with its intensive research and development activities. This work takes advantage of proven and innovative consumer insight tools to identify trends and incorporate these in promising fragrance concepts.

Scent & Care produces fragrances and fragrance technologies for three application areas:

Fine Fragrances – Custom fragrance compositions for the beauty industry

Personal Care – Fragrance compositions for shower and bath products, hair care & dye, skin care, deodorants and men’s cosmetics

Home Care – Fragrances for fabric care and household products



They go well together: beauty and health. Cosmetic Ingredients discovers and researches new active ingredients and develops innovative products for cosmetic applications, skin and personal care, UV protection, oral care and the fragrance industry.

Cosmetic Ingredients utilises exclusive raw materials and ingredients – including water-soluble organic plant extracts and ultra-innovative peptides for contemporary anti-ageing solutions.

The segment provides solutions for multiple application areas:

Active Ingredients – High-quality ingredients for beauty and care products based on the latest research and discoveries

UV Filters – Effective and innovative sunlight and skin protection

Botanicals – Highly effective plant extracts for cosmetic applications

Functionals – Emollients and emulsifiers for cosmetics and care products