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With a strong focus on the sustainable use and preservation of natural resources, Southern Cross Botanicals specialises in developing ingredients exclusively derived from native Australian plants. As a part of the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Group, the company offers expertise in the fields of botany, agronomy and biology, giving it full control over its production processes, from fresh plant biomass to final ingredients. Today, this unique expertise has allowed the company to foster special partnerships with major players in the beauty industry.



Exploration & Cultivation
Southern Cross Botanicals has distinguished itself through its roots in agronomic and botanical science. A pioneering laboratory in the field of bioprospecting and cultivating aromatic and medicinal plants, the company has a nursery and lands on which about 25000 trees covering 300 species have been planted for research and extract production.

Extraction & Valuation
Harnessing the best of what plants have to offer implies the perfect understanding of their metabolism and the complex molecules that they contain. Building on this expertise, Southern Cross Botanicals has developed proprietary extraction methods and implemented integrated plant extraction units, from the maceration to the concentration and fractionation phase.

Commitment & Preservation
After signing the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 1993 and the Nagoya Protocol in 2010, Australia is clearly committed to the sustainable and responsible development of its natural heritage.  Since its inception, Southern Cross Botanicals has been committed to sustainable and ethical practices, showing the greatest respect for Australia’s nature and indigenous populations.  Working regularly with local communities, the company is deeply devoted to ensuring fair pricing and high quality relationships built on trust, which it has developed over the years through hands-on involvement.


Inspiring Ingredients: a blooming portfolio of new materials for pure innovation bliss

Southern Cross Botanicals has unlocked the vast potential of Australian mega-biodiversity in many different forms: unique superfruit extracts, original complexes, plant oils brimming with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, rare and precious essential oils, etc. The company uses a wide variety of extraction processes to obtain the most potent elements of each plant and meet strict formulation specifications. In addition to its standard offer, the company provides customized trials and product development services

Active ingredients: The vast number of edible plants used as food and medicine offer enormous potential for the development of highly innovative active ingredients. Based on the expertise and research protocols of the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Group, each active ingredient is developed for its specific properties and subject to in vitro and in vivo testing.

Superox-C, a Kakadu plum extract. Superox-C fights oxidative stress-induced damages. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves radiance and boosts skin luminosity.

Tazman Pepper is a natural Australian active ingredient extracted from the Tasmanian pepper berry. It is a hardy species, tolerating cold winter temperature and surviving on rocky and exposed windy sites. This active ingredient has especially designed for men care to protect, smooth and reduce skin sensibility from daily harmful skin elements.

Lime Pearl is a new generation of precious AHA extracted from Caviar Lime which originates from the Australian sub-tropical rainforest. It has exfoliation activity due to a new mechanism of action, the stimulation of TRPV3 synthesis. Lime Pearl induces gentle exfoliation for a smoother, brighter and even skin complexion.

Harvest Complexes: Harvest Complexes have been developed to offer original synergies and a more extensive spectrum of activity by combining the benefits of several Australian plants and fruits. This range is ideal for supporting trendy, novel and exotic cosmetic claims. All the complexes in the range are extracted using the unique Phyto-Cross process.

Plant Extracts: Southern Cross Botanicals extracts are derived from plants grown and processed in Australia, on plantations or sustainably wild harvested, without degradation to the environment. The Extracts are obtained using the unique solvent-free Phyto-Cross process. They are also available in other ranges of solvents and some may be obtained from organic plants and preservative-free versions.

Vegetable oils: Our selected line of Australian vegetable oils has an extensive range of sensory and physical properties. Obtained from cold pressed seeds and then enhanced by a unique refining process, the ultrapure vegetable oils can be used to improve skin feel and nourish both skin and hair.

Essential oils: Southern Cross Botanicals produces a range of pure essential oils from Australia with widely renowned properties, including antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, just to name a few. To facilitate formulation (avoid separation, viscosity drop and cloudiness) and versatility, we offer a water-soluble oil version (emulsion system with 10% essential oil) which can be used in clear aqueous products, emulsions, gels and sticks.

Exfoliants: The EXFOL range is a unique line of sustainable natural and bio-active exfoliants that provide gentle and effective skin exfoliation. The Exfol products are available in particle sizes ranging from 50 to 300 microns, a perfect choice for natural face and body scrubs.