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As the leading private label manufacturer of cosmetic pencils and products worldwide, Schwan Cosmetics counts internationally renowned cosmetics companies among its customers.


We live beauty

Over 90 years ago, we invented the cosmetics pencil. Since then, our experience and expertise has made us the global market leader in manufacturing cosmetic pencils. We are the professional partner of the cosmetics industry.

We are the professional partner of the cosmetics industry

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop custom solutions that are perfectly tailored to the respective target groups. Our unique, global network of partners and experts provides valuable impulses that help us create Tomorrow’s Beauty.Now.

We set trends

As designers and manufacturers of modern cosmetic products, we let the future of beauty become reality – every day anew. As visionaries we are constantly thinking ahead, and with the use of digital solutions we create new possibilities for the cosmetics industry.

We are at the forefront of sustainable innovation

It’s important to us that current and future generations can consciously experience beauty. That’s why we create products that combine quality, aesthetics, and responsibility.


We are determined, in collaboration with our customers and our partners, to define the future of colour cosmetics from a sustainable innovation point of view. As a beauty manufacturer, we have to provide consumers with products that are in line with their beliefs in a sustainable planet.

Schwan Cosmetics, with its longstanding history as a key innovator, is now moving into the space of being a sustainable innovator.