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With more than 130 years of experience, Schülke is one of the pioneers of modern hygiene and microbial control. In 1889, founders Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr developed Lysol, the first brandname disinfectant. In 1892, the raging cholera epidemic in Hamburg has been successfully dealt with it. What began with the protection of people from harmful microorganisms was consequently carried over into the protection of industrial and cosmetic products. In 1978 we launched our first cosmetic preservative: euxyl, followed by sensiva in 1993, which represents the first true multifunctional additive Ethylhexylglycerin. Since then our numerous innovations have helped the cosmetics industry to constantly reshape the status quo for what’s most important to us – protecting lives worldwide. What started with one innovative product and two aspiring entrepreneurs over 130 years ago, is now a market-leader in hygiene, infection prevention and antimicrobials for cosmetics


Our commitment

With more than 1200 employees in over 20 countries we produce and sell over 220 products in more than 100 countries. We care about you and your cosmetics. It is believed that man invented what we now call cosmetics as long as 30,000 years ago. And yet in an environment as fastpaced as ours the concept of individual care routines couldn’t be any more fashionable.

Today cosmetics not only influence our looks but are said to boost positive emotions, mental well-being and inner beauty of billions of people.

Schülke provides state of the art cosmetic additives. With these we are part of millions of daily care routines around the globe. Protecting consumers and their products from unwanted microbes is what we have been known for since 1889. We believe performance must be based on the essentials – preservatives and antimicrobials.

Consumers have evolved looking for products that answer to their individual needs and expectations. Beyond their distinct purpose cosmetic products are meant to be safe. We offer preservative solutions that provide safety and comply with global regulations.

But we even go beyond that. Our antimicrobials and deodorant actives provide multiple functionalities which add more value to your products.

Choosing a suitable preservative or antimicrobial isn’t an easy task however. In addition to the legal regulations and suitable technical solutions, we value the well-being of our consumers. Our products are safe, ethanol and cruelty free, or even derived from nature.

At Schülke we fulfil standards beyond expectation.



Clear performance.
Our brand Euxyl stands for a wide range of formulated preservative systems to keep your cosmetics free of microbial contamination.


Truly multifunctional.
Our brand Sensiva represents latest developments based on state-of-the-art multifunctional additives.


Simply superior.
Our brand effisin provides modern and highly efficient single actives.


Securely fresh.
Our brand sensidin combines multifunctionals that gently regulate microorganisms on the skin.

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