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Chemical company specialised in R&I and production for the cosmetic industry


Respharma – Innovative Ingredients

Res Pharma Innovative Ingredients keep the link between innovation and marketing drivers in order to help customers to meet consumers needs. Technological Innovation sustainability are a real vocation: R&I, QC, Microbiology lab and Regulatory Department, offer a deep scientific knowledge and a complete expertise.

The constant monitoring of marketing trends gives to customer a global cosmetic support to satisfy consumers expectations.

The core business is focused on active and functional ingredients according to actual marketing trends.

The green philosophy drives each innovation choice and strategy regarding both the production selection (Ecocert, Cosmos, Nature approved products) and the commitment to sustainability (RSPO Member).

The RPI family Dimension allows to develop customised solutions offering maximum flexibility and manufacturing capability.

Res Pharma Innovative Ingredients is a family reality with international breath thanks our world wide partners.

Products Overview

  • RESPLANTA: RSPO Water soluble vegetal oils, COSMOS compliance
  • PANTROFINA: Botanical and Biotechnological Active ingredients. Evidence Based
  • MORIPURE: Functional ingredients based on sustainable Silk recovery
  • RESOMA: Bio-engineering skin-mimetic active ingredients
  • EMULPHARMA: Sensory Emulsifiers COSMOS and RSPO compliance
  • RESCONCEPT–RESCONCEPT SUN: Concentrated emulsions for skin care and sun care
  • RESASSOL: Mild surfactants and high performing solubilizers. COSMOS compliance
  • RES4WIPES: Ingredients and concentrated emulsions for wet wipes
  • ECOCERT, NATRUE, COSMOS, FAIRTRADE and RSPO certified ingredients.


Resplanta are unique RSPO water soluble vegetable oils developed by Green Chemistry process. Resplanta are exclusive vegetable esters available in two sustainable versions:Biodegradable (Resplanta RSPO) and COSMOS certified (Resplanta PhytoNat).

Resplanta is more than a sustainable choice to #In-Fuse creativity to your formula. Resplanta are the dynamic fonts to add sustainable calligraphy to your sustainable with Resplanta....Re-Thinking Vegetable Oils


A whole selection of functional active ingredients based on the sustainable recovery of silk by-products. An innovative bio-engineering process based on circular economy to re-booting sericin.

Moripure offers sustainable silk protein in three different compositions with the benefit of pure sericin which can be used to develop sustainable texture.


The result of cosmetic bio-engineering : a new range of functional active ingredients based on embedded liposomal like structure. Resoma Bio-architecture with skin-mimetic properties offers maximum efficacy in terms of bioavailabilty and sensorial enhancement.

Pantrofina ReShape:

Is a novel slimming and Anticellulite active ingredient evidence based on botanical Garcinia Cambogia extract complexed with amino acid. Garcinia Cambogia is a natural source of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), with high lipolitic properties. China listed.

Pantrofina Skin 360:

Is a COSMOS Botanical skincare active ingredient. A cluster-like activity, offering a global protection from all stress-inducing factors: pollution, inflammation, ageing.

Emulpharma COREOSOME:

Is a sensory COSMOS O/W emulsifier, having multifunctional activity. Emulpharma COREOSOME is a well-balanced waxy base used to create advance liquid crystal lamellar structure systems (oleosome). COSMOS CERTIFIED, China listed.

Emulpharma CORE:

Is primary O/W sensory emulsifier that is characterised by its extremely soft and velvet skin feel and rich, luxurious texture. Easy to use and extremely flexible, China listed.


Resconcept are extremely stable concentrated emulsions that can be used as frame emulsions for the productions of skincare and suncare products.


The COSMOS essence of solubilization. Resassol APOSTROPHIE is a high performance natural solubilizer, based on renewable materials and that provides remarkable solubilising properties for essential oils and fragrances composition. It is COSMOS approved and China listed.

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Resassol; Pantrofina; Emulpharma; Resplanta; Resconcept.