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Renmatix, Inc. has developed the Plantrose process, which converts plant materials into valuable, multifunctional ingredients for a wide range of applications, including food and beauty. Winner of the 20th anniversary Presidential Green Chemistry Award, the proprietary Plantrose process challenges conventional production economics by using water in converting plant-based feedstocks into high performing, cost-enabled ingredients. Renmatix is privately held, with operations in Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania (USA)


Renmatix recently launched Celltice into the global personal care and cosmetics market. Celltice consists of Mother Nature's building blocks (lignin and cellulose) isolated through a patented supercritical water extraction from a red maple tree co-product.

The resulting micron particles that are brand new to the world have three major benefits:

  1. Gently fosters skin health immediately (reduces sebum and encourages skin turnover)
  2. Protects against environmental stress (scavenges free radicals and reduces inflammatory cytokines)
  3. Enables indulgent textures through novel Pickering emulsification (5-15% usage).

Two grades are available today for your Clean beauty projects – Celltice NM (brown color) for use in masks, scrubs and tinted formulations and Celltice WM (beige color) for use in emulsions and cleansers with minimal color impact.

View the video here for a more in depth view of Celltice.


Renmatix will be exhibiting Celltice at CaliSCC Suppliers Day (October) and presenting a technical poster at NYSCC Annual Meeting (December).

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