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Rayuen Beauty, a primary cosmetic packaging company located in Zhejiang, China, dedicated in developing and manufacturing innovative and high quality cosmetic packaging components for global beauty brands. To meet clients' diverse demands and provide exclusive services, we have integrated all production procedures and techniques. We are confident to address all your beauty packaging concerns including private mold develop and customised design.


Rayuen Beauty, specialised in supplying high quality cosmetic packaging products with the most competitive prices and the best services for formulation manufacturers and beauty brands. To meet clients diverse demands and provide one-stop premium services, we have integrated all production procedures including plastic injection, extrusion and blowing, automatic assembling and extensive decoration.

Rayuen has a diversified cosmetic packaging components to choose from, including but not limited to empty mascara and eyeliner containers, lip gloss tubes, lipstick tubes, lip balm containers, makeup compact cases and palettes, cosmetic pens etc. Whether you choose from our standard packaging components to be applied with customised decoration or make your brand new and unique packaging design, bespoke service is available. Notably, our experienced technicians will assist you in decision making on product concept, artwork and function. Therefore, you'll able to create products that are innovative and functional.


We're committed to transforming early concepts into the final product, customers can choose from a variety of textures and finishes to customise packaging for your private brand. Our extensive decorating capabilities which include custom color injection, silkscreen printing, foil hot-stamping, electroplating, UV lacquering, embossing and debossing.


Product Category

Lipstick Tube

Various models and customised lipstick tube components, including original concept and design depending on the client’s requirements and artwork. All lipstick case products come with different specifications and are compatible for all kinds of product decorations.

Rayuen Beauty

Lip Gloss Tube

We manufacture beautiful and practical lip gloss tube for the customers. Notably, PCR materials are applicable for your options to achieve your sustainable goals and protect our planet. Both the regular and unique designed lip gloss tube packaging are available in our product inventory. For instance, thick wall glass tube, PCR tube and two in one lip gloss containers.

Rayuen Beauty

Mascara Tube

Similar to our lip gloss tube, we also manufacture a wide range of mascara tubes for worldwide clients. No matter mascara component in full plastic or aluminum-plastic, we cover your multiple needs to packaging and brand design.

Rayuen Beauty

Eyeshadow Case and Palette

We provide classic and popular eyeshadow case and palette in the cosmetic industry. A mirror or window is optional depending on the clients’ demands. The configuration of the eyeshadow case is variable from single to multiply sections. You can customise the product on the shape, color and other specifications.

Rayuen Beauty

Cosmetic Compact Case

The packaging options of cosmetic compact case and air cushion compact cover all types of products. We are glad to assist the clients in tailoring the product concept, design and manufacture. Also, all sorts of decorations techniques are applicable for the compact case.

Rayuen Beauty

Services and Production Techniques include:

  • Injection molding, Extrusion and Blow molding
  • Anodized aluminum treatment
  • Frosting, Vacuum Electroplating, UV lacquering
  • Silk screen printing and Hot stamping
  • Embossing and Debossing
  • Labelling service

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You can find primary packaging for skincare and personal care formulation for wholesale and customised design for brand.