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RED OF VIEW develops and produces make-up and skin care formulas for third parties, both in bulk and as finished product


Founded in 2006, RED OF VIEW is a family-owned company, whose founders’ experience is rooted in the history of the cosmetic contract manufacturing Made in Italy.

The primary objectives of the company are:

  • Guarantee the qualitative excellence of the products through the application of the highest procedural standards, the careful selection of suppliers and a constant regulatory supervision activity
  • Focus on the person: the awareness that each individual is unique and through the knowledge of this uniqueness is possible to build authentic and satisfactory relationships.


Quality means expertise. About a fourth of the company team is dedicated to the study and development of customized or ready-to-go formulas, the result of continuous training and constant analysis of the sector.

The flagship of the R&D laboratories is the team dedicated to innovation, driven by passion for research and experimentation, which designs state-of-the-art solutions, with a view to the future.

Through constant investments in world-class equipment for laboratory and production, cooperation with universities and research centres, RED OF VIEW is able to provide successful solutions.

Quality is also the outcome of specialization; that is why RED OF VIEW decided to focus researches and skills only on emulsions and anhydrous formulations.

Flexibility, timeliness, responsiveness allow RED OF VIEW to offer its customer a reliable and all round support.

Focus on the person

RED OF VIEW promotes the attitudes and the skills of its team by encouraging internal mobility and supporting a constant update of the training. The sharing of the information, of the objectives and of the results at all levels; a decision making process based on dialogue and the willingness to listen allow each person to bring her/his added value and increase the team building.

Toward the customers, the willingness to listen implies a real understanding of the needs and the goals of the project, allowing the building of a trustful relationship, customers are determining the product when they start sharing with RED OF VIEW their story and vision.

Then RED OF VIEW introduces its knowledge and expertise to reach their goal. That is how a successful 'alchemy' is created.


Skin Care and make-up products involve a daily use. It’s in RED OF VIEW philosophy to create products with high decorative performances, which at the same time, take care of the skin wellness. The goal is to provide the daily satisfaction for the final consumer.

Red and green

In a perspective of transparency and scientific approach, RED OF VIEW decided to undertake an analytical study of what the "natural" claim should mean in the area of make-up and treatment.

This study led to the elaboration of a manifesto “THE MAKE AWARE MANIFESTO”, that clearly and coherently summarizes the company concept about the claim, and to the creation of products representing an effective synthesis between performance and naturalness.

A concept which is not limited only to organic, but it involves a more holistic approach including social, environmental and ethical sustainability.

MAKE-AWARE principles:

  • Environmental sustainability both of manufacture processes and raw materials
  • Social and ethical sustainability
  • Highest possible percentage of raw materials from natural origin
  • The main guidelines related to "natural" concept
  • The best balance between "natural" and performance.

MAKE-AWARE formulations are free of:

  • PEG
  • Paraffins and Petrochemicals
  • Microplastics
  • EDTA
  • Ingredients from animal origin (except beeswax)
  • Silicon
  • D5
  • D6.

MAKE-AWARE ingredients:

  • Palm Oil derivatives, when used, coming from sustainable cultivations
  • Preservatives, when used, are those included in COSMOS/ECOCERT Certification
  • MICA, when used, has been produced not involving the use of child labor
  • Water component, where present, is entirely composed by hydrolats from natural origin.