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PERA GmbH, located close to Hannover – Germany, distributes selected natural plant extracts, plant oils and their derivates, also in certificated organic quality, which are used as high-quality raw material mainly in cosmetic industry worldwide. Environmentally friendly production and processing is a main concern of PERA GmbH founder Christian D. Wätjen, who is successful and experienced in growing Jojoba since 1982. Audits of suppliers are made on a regular base. PERA GmbH is founding partner of INCA OIL S.A. - Peru, where the Jojoba plantations green the desert, and JOJOBA COMPANY INC. - Panama, where our Jojobaoil is processed and shipped all over the world


Together with our partner INCA OIL S.A., the worldwide number one in organic jojoba oil production, selected Jojoba oils are processed in the new factory building in Panama, equipped with new presses with latest technology standard, basic for continuous high quality and quantity.

PERA IGREDIENTS provides industry with jojoba oil, tara gum and selected further oils and cosmetic ingredients, offers the customers visits in the Jojoba plantations in Peru and the new fabrication in Panama.

Highly effective oat oil improving skin appearance, as well as well-chosen and evidently bioactive plant extracts for special applications as anti-ageing, sun care and protection, sebum regulation or formulations for sensible or pre-damaged skin.

The extracts are non-allergenic.
 All organic products come from certificated plantations (organic farming) or from controlled wild collection (controlled wild harvesting). We guarantee discharge of our high product standards by complete traceability and certificate of analysis for each charge.

Jojoba products

Jojoba liquid wax

Jojoba liquid wax is available in natural gold (natural color), lite (physically bleached), deodorised (refined) and certified organic products as well.

All liquid wax products are fluid above 10.6°C and through-hardened below 7°C. 

As a texturiser PERA GmbH offers you hydrogenated jojoba, delicate snow-white flakes, which easily find into your formula. For fine exfoliants we offer jojoba beads in different sizes.

Free flowing jojoba flakes are a perfect basic for lipstick, cosmetic pencils or similar applications.

Jojoba beads are 100% biodegradable, available in different mesh seizes (diameter), ideal for use as remover for dry skin cells in applications like bath and body gels, scrubs and polishes.

New ingredient


Tara gum the natural thickener with unique versatile application spectrum.

INCA GUM Tara Gum is obtained by grinding the endosperm of Caesalpinia spinosa, commonly known as TARA.

INCA GUM is an easy to use thickener – completely soluble in hot water, partially soluble in cold water and it provides fully smooth, non-sticky and stable results.

INCA GUM is ideal for use in body care-and cosmetic products, both as thickener and as stabiliser, usable in cremes, lotions, conditioners, soaps and hair spray.

INCA GUM is allowed as food additive E 417; it is recognised as completely safe for other human applications.


PERA GmbH is exhibitor at the SEPAWA Congress in Berlin, 28-30 October 2020 – meet us at booth C410.