Olivella brand, made in Italy and created in 2005, is a line of soaps, face care and body care all made exclusively with 100% ultra purified virgin olive oil. This is why Olivella is "the Mediterranean diet for your skin". It's a sustainable brand that offers personal care products containing all the virgin olive oil good benefits for the skin, being nourishing, anti-ageing and antioxidative. Three generation family business within the olive oil food category, has allowed a deep knowledge of this raw material that, combined with the most advanced ingredients within the cosmetic industry, guarantee high quality products, very effective and well tolerated from all types of skins

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Olivella was created in 2005 and it is a brand of soaps and skin care produced exclusively with 100% ultra-purified virgin olive oil.

Our slogan, "The Mediterranean Diet for your skin", describes us exactly for what we are: a sustainable brand that incorporates innovation and tradition, to give the skin the best possible care based on 100% ultra-purified virgin olive oil.

Why are we the pioneers of the "Mediterranean Diet for Skin"?

As early as the 1960s, medical research showed that a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and olive oil was able to prevent coronary heart diseases, which were among the most frequent causes of mortality in the United States and Northern Europe, differently than in the Mediterranean countries where these ingredients were daily used.

Umbria Olii International, trusted supplier of Olivella brand and operating in the olive oil food business since 1945, focused its research on virgin olive oil and its characteristics.

While the world cosmetic industry preferred exotic oils such as argan or jojoba, our pioneering studies have shown how virgin olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fats (in particular oleic acid), polyphenol compounds (phenolic alcohols, phenolic acids, flavonoids, lignans and secoiridoids) and triterpenes (such as squalene), has excellent benefits on the skin, just as on health.

Umbria Olii International, thanks to its refinery plant, re-uses the derived products of the olive oil refining process, in particular oleins and fatty acids, as raw material of Olivella®, which are processed with cutting-edge production techniques, limiting the environmental impact and the waste of water and guaranteeing all the properties and qualities of the original ingredient in the final product.


100% ultra-purified virgin olive oil = Olivella

The virgin olive oil acts on the tissues as anti-inflammatory, promoting cell renewal with anti-aging, anti-oxidant, emollient and nourishing benefits.

The first product of Olivella line is the face and body soap, which is unique on the market to be formulated exclusively with 100% virgin olive oil and covered by international patent.

Over the years Olivella assortment has been enriched with new cleansing and face-body skin care products, all strictly based on ultra-purified virgin olive oil.

The selection of ingredients and the research on the formulas are carried out by our research and development laboratory, in collaboration with prestigious institutions.

All products are dermatologically tested, vegan and cruelty free, have at least 94% natural ingredients and are without animal ingredients, petrolatum, PEG, BHT, ETDA, SLS/ SLES, silicones, paraffins, synthetic preservatives, mineral oils and dyes.

Today Olivella is successfully distributed around the world, from the United States to Asia, in pharmaceutical/natural stores channels, large-scale retail distribution and online.



Natasha Balseca (Sales & Marketing Manager - USA and South America) natasha.b@umbriaolii.com

Flavia Bonifacio (Sales & Marketing Manager - EU/Middle East/Asia) flavia.b@umbriaolii.com

Lucrezia Del Papa (Head of Business Development) lucrezia.dp@umbriaolii.com

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