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All great cosmetic actives and products start with safe, reliable and compliant ingredients. Whether you are a perfumer looking for fragrance ingredients that follow the IFRA guidelines or a cosmetic formulator looking for hard to find ingredients or innovative products like our Strat-M membrane skin diffusion test model, we have what you are looking for. Explore our Life Science product offering.


One common element to all involved is a devotion to supplying safe, innovative and delicious smelling products to consumers around the world. We share that devotion with you.

We are dedicated to providing a variety of quality and novel materials for your product development needs. Especially as you are developing the next great active ingredient, we can offer you the right quality products, in convenient pack sizes. With our expertise in global supply chain management, we ensure that the products you need arrive to you when you need them.

We have a passion for safety and offer best-in-class solutions for your analytical and microbiology testing needs. Our in‑house scientists focus on advancing testing methods to ensure your purity determination and composition verification tests are quick and accurate.

Safe and Reliable Solutions

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Fragrance Ingredients

Ingredients for fragrance formulation.

Whether you are looking for natural or synthetic ingredients, we offer a comprehensive selection of Sigma‑Aldrich aroma chemicals, essential oils, and extracts to meet your needs.

Research & Development

Comprehensive offering with the newest products on the market to accelerate R&D of cosmetics, meeting ISO 9001 regulations.

Safe to Market

Analytical methods and products.

Microbiological testing solutions.

With one of the strongest lines of microbiology and analytical offers on the market, you can solve all of your testing needs with us. Running into analysis hurdles? We have solution providing scientists that help you to make sure your product is safe before it reaches consumers.

Product Highlights

Strat-M Transdermal Diffusion Membrane

Ethical and regulatory pressures have limited testing of personal care formulations on human or animal skin which has driven the need for access to alternative models.

Strat-M is a synthetic, non-animal based model for transdermal diffusion testing that is predictive of diffusion in human skin without lot-to-lot variability.

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Organotypic 3D Skin Cultures

Animal models have gradually been replaced by “cruelty-free” in vitro organotypic skin models that use primary human cells and cell culture inserts to recapitulate the stratified epidermal architecture.

We have developed a simple step-by-step culture protocol that can be used to generate human epidermal skin models using primary human keratinocytes (PHK), dermal fibroblasts (primary human fibroblasts, PHF), collagen-coated MilliCell culture inserts and the proprietary 3dGRO Skin Differentiation Medium which supports the robust differentiation of keratinocytes during the air:liquid interface culture steps.

Immunoassays for Protein Biomarker Analysis

Protein biomarker immunoassays characterise the interactions between a biological system and a potential hazard. Our industry-leading range of single (ELISA), multiplex (MILLIPLEX) and ultra-sensitive (SMC) immunoassays allow direct monitoring of the biological effects of cosmetic products by assessing markers of inflammation, sensitisation, aging and tissue regeneration among others.

Standards for Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Due to growing regulations and banned ingredients, using analytical standards is key to ensuring the safety of your next formulation. Our standards manufacturing sites are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO Guide 34/ISO 17034, which is the highest achievable quality level for reference material producers. Because our high standards match yours.

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Colorona; Eusolex; Eusolex UV Pearls; IR3535; Oxynex; RonaCare; RonaFlair; Ronastar; Timiron; Xirona; Millipore; Sigma Aldrich; Supelco; Milli-Q; SAFC; BioReliance; Strat-M; MilliCell; 3dGRO; MILLIPLEX; SMC; Millipore Sigma.