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Maiiro (pronounced Mer-o, derived from the Guernsey French word for “sea”) was born out of our desire to keep your skin feeling fresh, radiant and young, naturally. Inspired by the ocean’s abundance, our seaweed-based formulations represent the very highest standards in quality, from raw ingredients to finished products


Founded in 2017, our mission is to provide a credible, natural, alternative range of skincare products to mainstream brands.

We have developed a range of “Purpose Products” that are not superficial but beneficial to the skin. Each product has a mission to accomplish, to target the affected area of concern and to nurture, repair, revitalise and allow your skin to be the best it can without using any synthetic or harmful ingredients.


Our range of luxurious skincare products contains active ingredients proven to reduce inflammation, acne and rosacea, whilst effortlessly hydrating and revitalising your skin.

Our trademarked seaweed formulation, Kelpogen5, offers a blend of five mineral-rich super seaweeds, containing Astaxanthin, Bladder Wrack, Oarweed, Thongweed and Wakame, all known for their incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.


Committed to minimising our impact on the environment, we strive to use ethically sourced organic, natural and vegan ingredients and will never test on animals.

We have made a conscious decision to reduce plastics where possible and all our packaging, from sustainable sources, is 100% recyclable. Some of our packaging is made with seaweed pulp.

We are actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at reducing our impact even further and are very excited to have met the stringent requirements to obtain organic accreditation from the UK Soil Association.

This will enable us to include locally harvested organic seaweed in our products in the very near future.


Anti-ageing cream 50ml (83% organic, 100% vegan)

Packed with nourishing, organic ingredients, this deeply hydrating anti-ageing cream helps keep skin looking fresh and feeling hydrated, all day long.

Formulated with Kelpogen5 and added hyaluronic acid alongside a powerful cocktail of complexion-boosting natural oils, vitamins and free radical-fighting antioxidants, it protects and repairs skin of all types, reducing inflammation and redness.

Anti-blemish cream 50ml (83% organic, 100% vegan)

The all-natural solution for troubled, irritated, blemish-prone, reactive flushed skin. Maiiro’s Anti-Blemish cream is a lightweight, fragrance-free, calming moisturiser which helps to instantly soothe and hydrate irritated skin.

It promotes healing and restores balance, great for skin experiencing excessive oiliness, dryness, flare-ups of acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, and skin suffering the effects of urban pollution.

Featuring a super healing blend of Kelpogen5 with added Astaxanthin alongside antioxidants vitamin E and C, it also contains Fenugreek Seed Oil to reduce impurities and Liquorice Root Extract to help calm inflammation.

Organic lip salve 4g (99% organic)

Maiiro’s organic lip-saving salve provides much more than just temporary relief to dry, sore or chapped lips. Formulated with Kelpogen5 and a special blend of protective antibacterial oils, this salve not only hydrates, but it also helps delicate lip skin restore itself from within and contains ingredients known to combat cold sores.

Because it is tasteless, non-greasy and has a matte finish, it is excellent to use as a conditioning base for lip makeup. It is as effective in the heat as it is in the cold.

Organic soap 125g (96% organic, 100% vegan)

Maiiro’s Organic Soap suits all skin types and ages. Suitable for the face and body, with a gentle, low lather, this back-to-nature skin cleanser is rich in essential oils, botanical extracts and Maiiro’s signature five-seaweed formula, Kelpogen5, to keep sensitive skin calm, conditioned and hydrated.

Containing natural antibacterial and nourishing oils, including Tea Tree, Lemon, Tamanu, Jojoba, Goji Berry and Fenugreek Seed to remove impurities, it leaves your skin feeling fresh, calm and comfortable.

Our future

We are now looking to grow into the next phase of our journey. We wish to extend our existing range and add a men’s range, a mother & baby range and a Spa range.

We will also pursue the quest to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic by sourcing innovative alternative packaging.

Maiiro, Combining nature’s beauty with yours, naturally.

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