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Kerax is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Petroleum Jelly, Liquid Paraffin, WSP, YSP, CS Alcohol and Emulsifying Wax to the global personal care and cosmetics industries.


Blending and supplying Wax to your specification

Initially established in 1962 Kerax are experts in wax and wax blending.

From wax for candle makers to surface protection waxes we manufacture and supply an extensive and comprehensive range of waxes and wax blends and are also large scale producers of petroleum jellies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and commercial use.

Offering unparalleled service, the best prices, quality and stock levels, our flexibility and responsiveness to customer enquiries has enabled us to grow and flourish into the UK's leading wax blender and supplier - our policy is 'Always Available'.

At the forefront of wax production, we invest heavily in new product development, encouraging our chemists to seek new commercially viable wax applications. We strive to continually be the very best in our field.

Yellow Soft Paraffin

Kerax manufacture and supply Yellow Soft Paraffin products produced under the Technijell brand.

White Soft Paraffin

At Kerax we manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of petroleum jellies covering a vast range of applications for the medicinal, cosmetic and personal care sectors.

Petroleum Jelly

Using only highly refined hydrocarbons our petroleum jellies for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Personal Care markets meet stringent quality requirements and can be used with total confidence, we are regularly audited by the major pharmaceutical companies and our products are approved for the manufacture of ointments, creams and preparations.

Paraffin Waxes

Kerax Paraffin Waxes are the ones to choose. They are fully refined and are white, odourless and tasteless, with an oil content usually under 1.0%. A comprehensive range available in melting points from 42°C to 68°C, the harder waxes are available in pellet, powder and slab form.

Microcrystalline Waxes

Derived from the dewaxing of base oil in the refinery process, microcrystalline waxes are made up of saturated hydrocarbons possessing a fine-grained crystal structure which renders them much more flexible than paraffin waxes.

Uses of microcrystalline wax include candle making, cosmetics, dental and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, fruit coating, jewellery waxes, laminating, paper and board coating, polishes and poultry defeathering, ski, snowboard and surfboard coating. Micro waxes blend well with solvents to form a smooth paste, they increase tensile strength and rigidity, while improving stability and scuff resistance.

Liquid Paraffin (White Oil)

Liquid Paraffin (LP) - otherwise known as 'white oil', is used extensively in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Kerax supplies LP to many of the major producers of creams and ointments in a variety of pack forms.

The source of our LP is an extremely pure base mineral oil, produced using a patented HT purity process. These oils deliver amongst the highest standards of purity and quality to meet the white mineral oil requirements of various industries.

White Oil and Process Oil

Our medical grade white oils have approval for use in all pharmaceutical applications. Colourless, odourless and tasteless, they may also be used in many other industries where they may come into contact with food or beverages. Highly refined, tasteless, odourless and with excellent colour stability.

White Oils' inert nature makes them easy to work with and suitable for use across a spectrum of applications and product formulations. Chemically and biologically stable they do not support bacterial growth and are widely used as industry standard.

Emulsifying Waxes

Emulsifying wax can be used in the production of aqueous creams and ointments it is sold primarily to the personal care and pharmaceutical industries it is a white waxy solid with a very low fatty alcohol odour. Based on primary fatty alcohols and neutral emulsifiers, it is readily emulsified in water and in various aqueous solutions. Manufactured with high purity and consistency in mind which makes it especially suitable for the manufacture of creams and ointments.

Kerawax EW is manufactured to meet the requirements of BP monogram and has been developed for use in the preparation of pharmaceutical emulsifying ointments and penicillin cream bases. It is also suitable for general use as an oil in water emulsifier for pharmaceutical and toilet preparations and ointments not included in the BP or other official recipes.

Being virtually neutral, it has no action on perfumes, aromatic oils or most medicinals and a wide range of substances may be added to emulsions based on it without interfering with their stability. Vegetable oils and fats, mineral oils and greases may also be emulsified with it and the addition of acidic substances such as salicylic acid and boric acid does not interfere with the properties of the emulsion.

CS Alcohols (Ceto Stearyl Alcohols)

Kerax manufacture Ceto-Stearyl Alcohol cream bases to BP/EP specifications. Further development of the conventional CS alcohol has resulted in a blend of alcohols which conform to the standards but which have a formulation designed to improve the heat stability of the finished product. This reduces the problems of separation of the oil/water phases of the cream at higher storage temperatures.

Kerax can supply fatty acids, fatty alcohols and esters for use in the personal care sector. Fatty acids such as Stearic acids are available in standard and high purity fractions with excellent colour and low Iodine value specifications.

Fatty alcohols like Cetyl, Stearyl, CS alcohols and Emulsifying wax can be blended and supplied in a wide range of compositions to suit most formulation requirements. These custom blended products can then be spray cooled on our finishing plant and filled into any type of packaging and net weight requested.

Kerax can supply the typical ester components of personal care formulations, such as Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate in addition to PEG, pentaerythritol and sorbitol esters.

Contract Manufacturing

Acting as your 'silent partner', Kerax offer a discreet, bespoke manufacturing and packing service with all the benefits associated with an ISO 9000 accredited company.

Our service may include supplying blends of materials manufactured by ourselves, or repackaging and distributing purchased materials on your behalf. Because Kerax are the largest dedicated wax blending facility in the UK & Ireland, we have a wealth of equipment necessary to support our contract manufacturing.