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Launched in 2005 by Dr Rucsandra Hureneazu, an aspiring entrepreneurial mother with a pharmaceutical heritage, and winner of Forbes Entrepreneur of the year. Motivated to create better solutions for the increasing incidence of distressing skin conditions and sensitivity, she created the Ivatherm range of innovative sensitive skin solutions


The Ivatherm signature is the use of the ancient healing power of Herculane thermal water found in the undeveloped and pure Carpathian mountains in Rucsandra’s home country of Romania.

Used to heal since Roman times, the waters optimal mineral content has proven anti-inflammatory benefits shown to reduce histamine release by up to 72%.

Bacteriologically pure, it helps balance the skin’s natural defence, and is a perfect composition for skincare products. Combined with the expertise of one of the top Cosmetologists, Alain Fructus, Ivatherm have created a range using the natural power of Herculane water combined with active innovative ingredients for targeted proven effective results in a modern approach to dermo cosmetics.


Ivatherm is a collection of condition and benefit specific ranges for targeted results.


Restores the skins ecosystem with Prebiotics, with minimal ingredients to reduce potential irritation, easing discomfort for highly sensitive skin. Has immediate calming effect and excellent moisturizing properties.


Strengthens the dermis integrity and decreases the dilation of blood vessels that causes redness, improving appearance and the debilitating impact of Cuperosis and Rosacea sufferers.


Complete line for oily, acne-prone skin, highly effective on inflamed acne, reducing pain and accelerating healing with minimum risk of scarring.


Accelerates the healing process for burns and post Dermo Cosmetic Treatments, reducing the risk of scars by up to 50%.


Daily care for dry, very dry, atopy prone skin and eczema sufferers, increasing skins water content and hyaluronic acid to improve appearance and comfort.


Repairing anti-inflammatory and moisturising range, which ensures the complete skincare of areas with seborrheic dermatitis (redness and flakiness): wings of the nose, forehead, eyebrows, chin (adults) and forehead and scalp (cradle cap in infants).


Hydrating care for normal to combination dehydrated skin. Uses a Nobel prize rewarded discovery in skin hydration: aquaporins synthesis.


Visibly depigments and whitens the skin, increases brightness and smoothes sensitive skin with hyper pigmentation and dark spots. Reduces the number, size and color intensity of lentigins (age spots), ephelides, melasma and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Anti-ageing for sensitive skin - key ranges


Prevents wrinkles installation and reduces the number and depth of those already formed by Botox-like effect, inhibiting muscle contraction.


Anti-aging range with plant stem cell. Visibly reduces the depth and number of wrinkles on the face and neck, increases the firmness and thickness of the skin, restores facial contour.


Lifting range that significantly reduces wrinkles - 46% after only one month. Thanks to innovative glycobiotechnology ingredients, the serum has an immediate and long-term effect of wrinkle smoothing, providing an enchanting "erasing time" sensation.

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