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Ithos Global is an IT organization with extensive regulatory knowledge in the cosmetics and nutritional markets that delivers global regulatory managed content using innovative software and services


Ithos Global helps customers automate efficient and highly accurate compliance programs with integrated enterprise software solutions that help strengthen supply chain organization and transparency over ingredients, generate and organize compliance reports, and receive fast and easy access to regulatory restrictions and product safety guidelines from across the globe.

Using its patented processes and comprehensive data repositories, Ithos Global improves the time to market of new products or the introduction of existing products to new regions, while reducing companies’ cost to execute.

Ingredient SAFE™

A compliance management software to screen formulas against selected jurisdictions, see all ingredients with their respective compliance levels and receive regulatory reports in an easy red light/green light format.


Additionally, subscribe to access on over 25,000 INCI level substances and view regulations, restrictions, concentration levels and other rules for over 60 countries on current and potential ingredients.

Regulatory Content & Compliance Analysis

Ithos Global reviews raw materials and formulas against global regulations and stays up to date on regulatory changes that could affect your products. We create compliance reports on formulas and finished goods and manage formula and product development through all stages of development.


  • Shave months off your NPI process by conducting regulatory reviews and creating compliance reports in minutes

  • Stay ahead of the constantly changing regulatory world with weekly news updates that affect your products by utilizing Ithos Delphi.
  • Increase visibility and accountability in all stages of your workflow processes to connect departments and pinpoint inefficiencies.

On demand Compliance Reports & Analysis

A solution to provide regulatory analysis and compliance reporting on raw materials, formulas or finished goods when you need it in a quick turnaround.

Save time and have confidence entering markets with reliable regulatory reviews and compliance reporting for your products when you need them without the cost or implementation involved in software solutions.

Work with our regulatory team to meet the regulatory requirements needed to sell your products.

Compliance Document Management (RMCL)

Designed as a solution for review and approval of raw materials and ingredients, we provide a centralized repository of all supplier documentation and data management. Opportunities include:

  • Review attributes on compliance and claims

  • Compare similar attributes for informed decision making

  • Create workflows to permit RM qualification and approval

  • Stay up-to-date on substance specific news

  • Streamline raw material qualification and selection for product development

  • Be aware of regulations and attributes that could affect your finished good claims

  • Organize documentation

  • Be more efficient with internal and external communication

PLM Upgrade & Integration

Connect the Ithos Information Network (IIN) with other enterprise solutions for streamlined communication of information. Utilizing this valuable system allows all of your solutions to work together for a complete cross-functional system.


  • Cosmetic Compliance Fall | September 2019 | New Jersey

    ◦ Ithos Global is sponsoring and will present at the “Cosmetic Compliance Fall” Conference in New York

  • SCC Suppliers' Day |  October 2-3, 2019 | Long Beach
 ◦ Visit Ithos Global in Long Beach at CaliSCC Suppliers' Day at Booth 371!

  • Cosmetic Business Regulatory Summit | October 8-9 2019 | Barcelona

    ◦ Ithos Global is sponsoring and attending this summit taking place in Barcelona

  • In-Cosmetics North America | October 23-24, 2018| NYC

    ◦ Visit Ithos Global at Booth C47 and at our Technical Seminar “Best practices to manage metrics & ROI throughout your commercialization process” [Oct 24 10:10 - 10:40]


The Costs of Compliance Vs Non-Compliance with Ithos

The need to stay ahead of these costs is critical, where this webinar will cover the following points:

  • Gain best practices to stay ahead of the continuously changing worldwide regulations to reduce errors and re-work
  • Discover how to pinpoint the costs and risks related to non-compliance in order to reverse or eliminate them
  • Learn effective ways to coordinate between business functions to allow faster movement throughout the product development lifecycle with reduced mistakes
  • Understand the cost savings and financial benefits from a compliance system.

View the on demand link here.

How to commercialise cosmetic products and manage performance metrics

To meet company goals and market demands, it is essential to have the right regulatory knowledge, tools, and performance metrics in place. When utilizing effective processes and data output strategies, commercializing your products can be a seamless and timely process.


  • Discover how to design a successful product launch with the right performance metrics in place
  • Understand the regulatory considerations and documentation required for registration in multiple jurisdictions, including PIF assembly
  • Learn the fundamentals of preparing a safety assessment
  • Determine the knowledge and tools needed to improve compliance and shorten product launch timelines
  • Gain useful tools for making data-driven decisions in efforts to rework current regulatory processes and performance metrics to meet company goals.

View the on demand link here.

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