In vitro Plant Tech

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In vitro Plant-tech are specialists in the plant cell culture technology


In vitro Plant-tech is a research derived company. We are specialists in the plant cell culture technology with 20 years of experience, and have a broad knowledge within the field, as well as a global network of research and production competences. All members of our team have a background from research.

Committed, progressive and open-minded for new ideas, their quest is to always be in the front of research, as well as to find the ultimate solutions to the requirements for clients.

Products include plant extracts, dried plant raw material and fresh sterile plant cells.

In vitro Plant-tech have a modern, well-equipped laboratory with clean room facilities and have developed a sustainable bioreactor based production platform. They work with sustainability in all its three directions: environmental, economic and social. The cultivation platform is entirely GMO-free. Located in Malmö/Limhamn in the south of Sweden.