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Gattefossé is a French company created in 1880. We develop, manufacture and sell specialty ingredients for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. We are expert in two complementary fields: lipid chemistry and plant extraction. This know-how enables us to meet the latest market trends in both natural performing actives and functional excipients, recognized for their sensorial benefits


Our portfolio


Our actives concentrate the best of nature and deliver their full potential to high efficacy formulations. At Gattefossé, we strongly believe in the potential of nature. All our actives come from natural plant resources that are selected according to exhaustive research on their composition.

High-tech extraction technologies

Our scientists use their expertise in plant extraction to select and develop new methods and processes that allow extraction and stabilisation of active molecules. The discovery of inventive extraction processes using “green” solvents is an important part of today’s research program.

Performance and substantiation

As proven efficacy is essential, our cell culture laboratory allows us to be at the forefront of technology in testing and to better understand the mechanism of action of our ingredients. Clinical evaluations are designed and conducted in collaboration with partner laboratories. The performance of our active ingredients is fully demonstrated and substantiated.


Our sensorial emulsifiers and texturising agents allow the creation of innovative textures and varied formulations. The texture is at the heart of a cosmetic product and is responsible for the creation of different sensations and reactions. For more than fifty years, our experts have contributed to develop a strong know-how in oleochemistry, creating unique lipidic ingredients both functional and sensorial.

Natural origin

The majority of our portfolio is of 100% plant origin. Our latest developments illustrate our efforts in selecting original, secure and economically viable sources.

As a user of palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives, Gattefossé - active member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) - is sensitive to the environmental impact of palm tree growing.

Formulation and sensory analysis

Our team of formulators is in charge of the evaluation of the texture ingredients and the creation of a wide range of cosmetic formulations.

As a texture is difficult to characterise with physical parameters, we have set up a sensorial panel for texture analysis. This internal panel of sensory experts works closely with our chemists since 1996 to better understand the behavior and benefits of lipochemical ingredients, pure or in formulation.

Our responsible commitments

More than ever, the industry must be transparent, committed, and relevant in a sustainable future. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often perceived as a hardship on companies. Gattefossé sees it as an opportunity to grow and to help lead the movement towards a more sustainable world, by blending economic, environmental, and socially responsible objectives.

Our CSR program is divided into 3 main short term goals:

  • Limit environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Continually improve our responsible procurement policy
  • Contribute to well-being at work.

This CSR approach has been validated by the EcoVadis platform, which has awarded us Gold status; and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) with a B score.

Visit our website to learn more about our action plan.

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