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Floratech has been a leading innovator of multifunctional, specialty botanical ingredients for five decades. Our success is rooted in a lasting commitment to innovation, service and quality. Floratech ingredients are of natural origin (ISO 16128). They derived from renewable botanicals such as jojoba, macadamia, sunflower and moringa.  We offer a large selection of natural ingredients allowed for use in COSMOS-approved formulas, as well as naturally certified products.). Our headquarters in Arizona, which is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 22716 cGMP compliant, is home to our R&D and quality labs as well as our industry leading in-house clinical efficacy and claims substantiation Consumer Testing Laboratory


Floratech manufactures a full line of stable, innovative and clinically proven ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry by:

  • inventing new functional, botanical ingredients
  • operating state-of-the-art quality and research & development laboratories
  • operating a Consumer Testing Laboratory which substantiates clinical efficacy claims on Floratech ingredients
  • implementing and exceeding quality standards. Floratech is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 22716 cGMP compliant.

NEW! Natural, Low Cost, o/w Emulsifier

Emulsun is a low-cost, sunflower-derived, PEG-free emulsifier capable of forming a self-assembling hexagonal liquid crystal phase in o/w emulsions, delivered in easy to handle free-flowing particles. Emulsun offers formulators the flexibility to achieve target viscosity without the use of secondary emulsifiers and is an excellent choice to create stable, aesthetically pleasing emulsions.

Floratech Particles

Floratech isn’t going green—we were born green. As the world’s first supplier of biodegradable, natural wax exfoliating beads, Floratech offers a variety of biodegradable options for microplastic-free, gentle yet effective exfoliation products.

ecobeads are biodegradable, hard, smooth natural wax spheres that provide gentle yet effective exfoliation. Ecobeads are a low-cost replacement for microplastic particles.

Florabeads are biodegradable, hard, smooth microspheres of jojoba esters. Florabeads Jojoba provide gentle yet effective exfoliation and are 100% natural.

Florapearls are biodegradable hard spheres of jojoba esters. Florapearls are monosized to approximately 1000 microns each to provide a rolling massage sensation when rubbed on the skin.

Florasomes are soft spheres which deliver jojoba emolliency and additives directly to the skin. Florasomes can deliver vitamins, fragrances, pigments or other custom additives of your choice.

Floraspheres are soft spheres which deliver jojoba emolliency directly to the skin.


Botanical Esters & Emollients

Floratech offers innovative oil-free jojoba esters, jojoba derivatives, macadamia oil and derivatives and stabilized high-oleic sunflower seed oil.

Floraesters 15 delivers the benefits of jojoba oil, with enhanced stability, color and odor for oil-free applications.

Floraesters 20, 30 & 60 are oil-free jojoba emollients that deliver a luxurious skin feel in many textures and varying melt points. Floraesters can extend the shelf life of finished formulations by enhancing oxidative stability, even in the presence of known oxidizers.

Floraesters 70 is a low odor, hard white jojoba wax delivered as free-flowing particles for ease of addition.

Floraesters IPJ is a low viscosity, jojoba-derived emollient that provides a cushiony skin feel during application without leaving an oily residue.

Floraesters K-20W Jojoba & Floraesters K-100W Jojoba are film-forming esters that provide jojoba emolliency, high substantivity, improved hydration, and hair dye enhancement.

Floramac 10 is a dry emollient from macadamia with high spread and skin feel similar to many light silicone derivatives.

Floramac Macadamia Oil Refined is composed of fatty acids similar to those found on human skin, providing an elegant and cushiony skin feel.

Floralipids Moringa Butter has a superior aesthetic profile and is less greasy, more hydrating, and more matte in appearance when applied to the skin than other botanical butters.

Floralipids Moringa Oil Refined is an elegant, cushiony emollient that provides superior oxidative stability and substantivity.

Florasun 90 provides an industry-leading grade of sunflower oil with an elegant skin feel, especially suited for pro-oxidative environments.

Skin Surface Lipids

L22 botanically-sourced lipids developed specifically to deliver the skin-lipid profile of a healthy, young adult


L22; Emulsun; Ecobeads; Florabeads; Florapearls; Florasomes; Floraspheres; Floraesters; Floramac; Floralipids; Florasun.