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Since September 2015, Bayer MaterialScience has been an independent company, operating under the new name Covestro. We continue to be a leading supplier of high-value polymers and innovative solutions for key sectors such as transportation, construction, electronics, furniture, sports equipment and textiles. With our products and applications we want to fulfil our new vision: to make the world a brighter place


Covestro is a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials for key industries. Its products and application solutions are nearly everywhere in modern life. With its innovative strength the company is constantly coming up with new developments which benefit society and the environment.

With sales of about €14.6bn in 2018 and 16,800 employees (calculated as full-time equivalents), Covestro is a global player in the field of polymers. It has around 30 sites throughout Europe, Asia and America, eight of which are world-scale production facilities. In addition, there are dozens of smaller more specialized technical centers around the world, providing personalized support and customized solutions.

Over recent years there has been a significant investment program to provide for a modern set-up of production assets as well as leading-edge technology, both to ensure a competitive position for many years to come. This well-invested asset base operates at a competitive cost position.

Exploiting growth opportunities

Independent experts project that the segments in the polymer industry in which Covestro is active will continue to grow in the years ahead by as much as four percent per year through 2020. Macro trends such as climate change, urbanization and increasing mobility, are seen as the main drivers of growth. Through its products and solutions, Covestro aims to help master these challenges in line with its vision: “To make the world a brighter place.”

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a central pillar of the Covestro strategy. Through its business activities, the company wants not only to create value, but also to help protect the environment and achieve progress in society. This holistic approach defines operations along the entire value chain, from procurement, production, logistics and sales to the use of Covestro products and their disposal and recycling. Its highest priorities are the safety of its processes and the health and well-being of its employees.