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Cosmereg LLC is a cosmetic regulatory firm that aims to assist cosmetic and personal care manufacturers and brand owners to comply with the export market regulations


Cosmereg regulatory consultants have been founded in 2013 with offices in St. Petersburg Tampa USA, London UK, Dublin Ireland, and Dubai UAE.

Cosmereg's mission is to be a reputed regulatory affairs consulting firm committed to assisting cosmetics, personal care, and OTC manufacturers by allowing quality products to reach the export markets complying with local regulations.

Cosmereg expert team of safety consultants is dedicated to ensuring the safety of client’s product and always strives to provide a wide variety of quality resources and tailored solutions to each of its clients.

Our services per market:


Cosmetics Regulations USA/OTC: U.S. FDA regulates all cosmetic and OTC products that are intended to be sold and used in the US. In addition, the state of California has its own requirements that go beyond the rest of the united state’s regulations.

Cosmereg assists in:

  • Product classification cosmetic or OTC
  • US FDA cosmetic labelling and ingredients requirements
  • California Safety Cosmetic Act and California Proposition 65
  • Cosmetic colour additive
  • FDA VCRP cosmetic registration
  • Hand sanitiser, sunscreen registration
  • NDC labeller code request
  • US agent service.


Cosmetic Regulation Canada/OTC/NHP: The Health Canada regulates all products that are intended to be sold and used in Canada.

Cosmereg assists in:

  • Health canada cosmetic labelling and ingredients requirements
  • CNF cosmetic notification form
  • OTC (over the counter)
  • NHP (natural health products)
  • Hand sanitiser registration.


EU and UK Cosmetics Regulations: Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 establishes requirements for cosmetics products that are placed within the European Union market as well as for UK after the Brexit.

Cosmereg assists in:

  • EU/UK responsible person service
  • Formulation review
  • Prepare PIF and CPSR
  • Review labelling requirements
  • CPNP cosmetic notification
  • UK SCPN cosmetic notification
  • Cosmetic testing.

Outsourcing services:

For manufacturers, laboratories and brand owners who have a consistent number of products during the year Cosmereg offers part time safety assessor to assist clients in regulatory compliance on a monthly basis.

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