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Codex Beauty is spearheading the next generation of ultra-clean beauty, with a revolutionary plant based preservative system and bio-airless packaging.

By using science to supercharge nature, our products deliver proven results. By minimizing our carbon footprint in every aspect of our business, we work with and for our planet.

All of our products have independent third-party certifications and verifications to prove it. We’ve Cleaned Up Clean.

Codex Beauty is a bioscience-led beauty company that is setting a new standard in organic luxury skincare. Founded in Silicon Valley, California, by Barb Paldus PhD. a Bio Tech entrepreneur with over 35 patents under her belt, Codex Beauty is led by a global team of scientists, technologists, botanists, cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, and genuine problem solvers who believe in utilizing science to harness the power of nature in its purest, most potent forms.

Driven by curiosity and her son’s allergy to phenoxyethanol, Barb Paldus PhD., strode out to create a revolutionary beauty company that would utilize her skills and knowledge from the world of pharmaceuticals and business to create a new generation in skincare. The result is Codex Beauty.

Inspired, Paldus traveled to places near and far—from Ireland to Chile, from Iceland to Switzerland and beyond—and found a handful of under-the-radar beauty brands, all led by experts intensely dedicated to exceptionally pure, sustainable techniques, but largely unknown to the rest the world.

These beauty brands were taking historical formulations that had been traditionally passed down through families or tribes and continuing to use it for skincare with outstanding results.

“I knew that if we combined their on-the-ground knowledge with the latest technology we could take these beautiful lines to the next level of efficacy together,” Paldus says.

As the Codex of Beauty, each of our collection chapters will introduce ancient indigenous herbal medicine formulas from around the globe that have been analyzed and perfected with modern science to bring you state-of-the-art pure and effective skincare.

Using sophisticated science, we have revolutionized preservatives. While most other clean brands use synthetics for preservation, we have developed an exclusive all plant-based preservative system. And we never use phenoxyethanol.

Additionally we manufacture in a pharmaceutical-grade, fully automated cleanroom, going above and beyond the industry to set a new level of ultra-clean.

Our airless packaging for creams and washes is derived from sugarcane waste and reduces carbon footprint by up to 80%. Our goal is to never use fossil fuel based plastic and to minimize our use of glass to only those products that require it.

All of this to both preserve our health and help save our planet.

Codex Labs

We want to offer our customers and partners a higher level of transparency and ethos so all of Codex Beauty products are clinically tested to ensure the safety, quality and, most importantly efficacy.

We obtain quantitative product performance data and share it with our partners and customers. We also believe in the sustainability of our global partners, engaging in sustainable harvesting, partnering with the communities that share their secrets and supporting their local economies. Offering a higher level of standards.

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