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Clariant Active Ingredients is the business unit of Clariant dedicated to active ingredients for cosmetics.


Clariant is a continuously growing and evolving company, and is always focusing on how to bring the best response to its consumers' and customers' needs.

Because cosmetic industry always require new innovative ingredients, and because users are switching towards natural-origin products, Clariant created Active Ingredients, a new business unit dedicated to active ingredients for cosmetics.

Inspired by nature

Clariant Active Ingredients offers an extensive portfolio of active ingredients, covering the main trends of the cosmetic industry: anti-aging, environment pollution, hydration, lightening.

These ingredients come from plant extracts, some of them coming from protected areas such as Jeju Island, where the resources are sustainably exploited. Other are obtained from innovative cultivation processes that allow extracting molecules directly from plant roots in a sustainable way.

Advanced with science

Clariant Active Ingredients is turned towards R&D, in order to bring to the market innovative products, supported by strong clinical and in-vitro studies. Discover Clariant's new products at

Major Products

  • Active ingredient for outdoor pollution protection: RedSnow
  • Active Ingredients for indoor pollution protection: Eosidin
  • Active ingredient for skin detoxification after pollution exposure: BioDTox
  • Active ingredient for resynchronizing skin’s well-being clock: B-Circadin

Contact Details:

Mr. Alexandre Lapeyre
Head of Marketing
Clariant Active ingredients
Phone: +33 (0)5 82 08 28 32

Global Capabilities:

Mr. Cassio Pedulla
Phone +41 61 469 6604

Latin America
Mr. George Nunes
Phone +55 115 683 7651

North America
Mr. Edson Barros
Phone +1 704 822 2048

Asia Pacific
Mr. Guido Appl
Phone +6566431158

Mr. Gamble Wu
Phone +862122483187


MultiEx BSASM; EMortal Pep; Akebisol®; Alpha-Melight®; B-Circadin™; BioDTox®; Eosidin®; Fuligo®; RedSnow®; Varrier®.