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Aprinnova is the leading manufacturer of high performance, natural and sustainable emollients and silicone replacements.


Our Neossance brand Squalane and Hemisqualane ingredients are used by both major global brands and the fastest growing Indie brands in the world. We deliver on price, purity, performance, and stability in supply.

As a joint venture between Amyris Inc. and Nikkol Group, Aprinnova leverages cutting edge biotechnology manufacturing capability and 70 years of cosmetic industry expertise to deliver a new standard that makes sustainability a competitive advantage.

Aprinnova helps brands deliver on Clean Beauty, the massive growth in consumer demand for non-toxic, safe, cruelty-free, and effective ingredients that are naturally derived or made from non-toxic synthetic sources.

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Our Neossance Line

Aprinnova’s Neossance line of ingredients makes sustainability and performance available to all.

We manufacture ingredients using Amyris’ patented technology to convert renewable sugarcane into farnesene and other tailored molecules, producing a range of rare-in-nature, high value, pure, and stable products for our customers.

This plant-derived process from renewable sugarcane does not contribute to deforestation, absorbs C02, and reduces green house gases by 60% when compared to petrochemical processes. Our manufacturing process ensure stable, uninterrupted supply of pure, effective ingredients without sacrificing costs.

About Neossance Squalane

For decades Squalane has been used by formulators as a high performing emollient: the gold standard for imparting a smooth and supple skin feel.

Aprinnova's biotechnology platform has stabilized markets offering unlimited supply and lower, stable pricing.

In clinical studies, Neossance Squalane improves skin smoothness, reduces the appearance of fine lines, increases skin firmness, brightens and moisturizes skin.

Benefits and Features:

  • Rapid absorption
  • Soothes and softens skin
  • Improve skin firmness
  • Brightens skin
  • Naturally derived & sustainable

About Neossance Hemisqualane

Hemisqualane is the preferred sustainable and naturally-derived alternative to D5 by top global brands. As a multi-use ingredient in virtually unlimited supply, it forms the strategic backbone for applications in skincare, haircare, sun care, makeup removal, and color cosmetics.

Benefits and features:

  • High degree of spreadability
  • Sensory benefits that deliver a dry, weightless feel
  • Gentle cleansing properties but effective for long wearing products
  • Able to deliver optimal playtime of a formula
  • Facilitates complete coverage
  • Economics enables high concentration in mass market products
  • High purity
  • Low odor intensity
  • Derived from sustainable sources
  • Consistent quality
  • Sustainably manufacture

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