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Algaktiv, a Greenaltech Company


From microalgae, the genesis of life.

Millions of years ago, a group of unique organisms transformed our planet and made it viable for human life. Through photosynthesis, they were able to convert sun energy and CO2 into organic matter and oxygen. Microalgae created the air that we breathe today and established the foundations for superior life. It was that simple and yet so essential.

Blue biotechnology

We are passionate about microalgae. Our team of scientists in green and molecular biology, microalgae, genomics, bioinformatics, chemistry and engineering has created a powerful technology platform to discover and manufacture bioactives from microalgae.

Thanks to our proprietary microalgae strain collection expanding through a diverse range of taxonomic phylum, we have identified unique natural molecules with massive potential for the cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.

Excellence and quality

We strive to deliver excellence to our customers. Our products are carefully manufactured and controlled to consistently achieve the quality standards required by our customers. We are proud to supply laboratory calibrators and standards around the globe, a testimony of the fine quality of the work done at Greenaltech.