Clariant Actives and Natural Origins

Offering one of the largest ranges of naturally derived ingredients to the market implies great responsibility. At Clariant Actives and Natural Origins we not only apply advanced scientific know-how to bring innovations with proven efficacy to the market, but also consistently pay attention to how ingredients are sourced, and by whom. We work in close collaboration with local communities to conserve the natural environment

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The science of sustainable beauty

With the integration of our long-term partner Beraca, Clariant offers besides high-tech actives recognized by top level awards, a full range of naturals for the cosmetic market with a positive sustainable and socioeconomic impact.

Not only do we apply science to the best nature has to offer, but increasingly pay attention to how ingredients are sourced, and by whom. We are continuing and building on Beraca’s ethical sourcing commitment and close collaboration with local communities to make sure natural environments are kept conserved.

It is our mission to make a change from the beginning with the plant all the way to the ingredient that we offer, ultimately impacting the whole value chain positively. One purpose: enter a more beautiful world – for people and planet alike. Our portfolio includes two sections:

  • Active Ingredients: inspired by nature and advanced by science, these active ingredients have proven efficacy and most of them having been rewarded by renowned prizes such as BSB Innovation Awards or in-cosmetics awards.
  • Natural Origins: plant extracts, oils & butters and clays and exfoliants sourced sustainably that celebrates both the wealth of global biodiversity and the magic of local roots.


Contact Details:

Mr. Alexandre Lapeyre
Global Head of Marketing and Business Development
Clariant Actives and Natural Origins
Phone: +33 (0)5 82 08 28 32

Global Contacts:

Mrs. Marie-Adeline TAMIER
Phone +33 659 749 760

Latin America
Mrs. Stelly COSTA
Phone +55 115 6837622

North America
Mrs. Clothilde JULIEN
Phone +1 908 9882538

Asia Pacific
Mrs. Victoria PANG
Phone +6566431834

Mrs. Min-Alice YANG
Phone +862122483682


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