Right on point: Everything you need to know about cosmetic delivery systems

John Woodruff provides his selection of the best delivery systems for the enhanced and/or longer-term efficacy of cosmetic active ingredients

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Clariant is latest ingredients giant to announce huge price hikes

The Swiss supplier will increase its EMEA prices by up to 35%

French regulators seize ‘dangerous’ cosmetics from beauty market

Banned ingredients were found in multiple products, while incorrectly labelled nano-materials were also discovered

Givaudan boosts natural fragrance expertise with Custom Essence acquisition

The deal aims to strengthen the flavour and fragrance giant's access to local customers and boost its capabilities in ...

What is a betaine?

Innospec’s Alice Miles sheds some light on this commonly-used amphoteric surfactant

EU Commission extends list of hazardous chemicals for cosmetics

More than 20 ingredients have been prohibited for use in beauty products due to their long-term and serious effects on ...

L’Oréal’s ‘disclosure model’ is key tool in achieving fragrance transparency

Beauty major and licensor of Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent is giving new insight into its fragrance ingredients

How the Nobel Prize has influenced beauty products for 120 years

Ahead of the esteemed prize for the scientific community, decided by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and announced in ...

How Wellfully CEO Paul Peros plans to disrupt the blockbuster beauty business

Determined to put the 'D' in R&D, former Foreo CEO Paul Peros is now at the helm of Wellfully. Here he reveals how, ...

Aromatherapy fragrances boast antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity, study finds

Future efforts should be focused on the distribution of such fragrances for sanitisation, researchers say

Top tips for formulating an intimate wash

Ecooking's Mike Hansen explains what goes into a successful feminine hygiene product

Inaugural Cosmetics Business Live attracts 1,600 attendees

The personal care and beauty community turned up for 30 hours of content across five days

Smooth closer: The latest in silicones and silicone alternatives

With the palette of silicones available to formulators declining, John Woodruff provides his edit of the best silicones ...

Deciem study reveals consumers are researching the safety of key ingredients like retinol and vitamin C

The brand partnered with Spate on the research, which suggests consumers are being exposed to misconceptions

‘A code red for humanity’: The harsh outlook for beauty in a warmer world

A UN report has starkly warned that if the rate of climate change is not slowed down, the population will be faced with ...

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